Masonry is used when there is need for a strong, fireproof, and reliable wall that will withstand the tests of time efficiently. And putting up a brick or block wall isn’t difficult with the right skills, and a little elbow-grease. But what sets a quality wall apart from one that only looks good, is in the craftsmanship of the Chicago masonry contractor that did the work.

If the work was done poorly, moisture and cracks will appear much sooner than you might expect, if you expect them at all. Masonry in Chicago takes a pounding from lake effect winds and intensely cold winters, not to mention impressive snowpack. They require power washing Chicago spring to make sure they haven’t retained damage. All of that can do a number on masonry.

Building an exterior that lasts
While there are several factors in building a proper block wall that can make it last, one big element in quality masonry in Chicago is in the joints which anchor the masonry to the foundation. At J&P Masonry & tuckpointing of Chicago, our expert masons are accurate with their work, and strive to make your masonry have an aesthetic that pleases the eye. Plus, we never do anything half way, making sure your finished walls will stay firm for a long time.

Sometimes this means getting creative with the drawn up architectural plans to make sure your masonry in Chicago allows for slight movement. We are committed to keeping as much moisture out of your brick work as possible to prevent corrosion and the need for tuckpointing on your Chciago structure. This way, you don’t need premature masonry repair in Chicago.

Wall ties keep the structure safe and flexible. they are an essential part of the masonry structure. We have plenty of types of wire and sheet metal wall tie options we use to connect two or more masonry veneers to a backing system for flexible movement. Each of the 20 options have different price tages, but all are better than the cheap alternative of slamming a screw into the substrate without addition support.

This is an available feature on chimneys as well as walls, so you you don’t incur costly chimney repairs Chicago from inflexible masonry cracking under the strain of age and weather. The crew at J&P Masionry & Tuckprointing do a top-notch job, and beyond all other masonry companies in Chicago, they have the best record for securing masonry for flexibility.