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Chimney Repairs “To Do” this Summer

Now that winter is far behind us; it’s likely that you won’t find yourself thinking too much about your chimney. However, now is the best time to take care of any chimney repairs you have, so when the temperature starts to drop, you’ll be glad you had your services early. Delta Chimney has listed common repairs that we would be happy to help you with this summer. 

Masonry Repair

Because your chimney is exposed to weather elements, it’s essential to have it checked for any masonry repair or chimney tuckpointing needs. This is essential if you are dealing with faulty, crumbling, or damaged masonry. Our technicians use two different colors of mortar for your chimney tuckpointing to make it look brand new. This will help prevent chimney fires, as the structure is no longer vulnerable to moisture. This summer is the perfect time to have masonry repairs for a complete rebuild of your chimney. 

Chimney Cap

A chimney cap plays a considerable role in protecting your chimney. Chimney caps prevent water from entering your chimney; that is why keeping this in good condition is essential. A wood-burning fireplace sparks go up to the chimney and can cause potential fire on the roof or dry debris. During our fireplace inspection, we can tell if your chimney cap needs repair. When you choose to hold off on repairs, rain, thaw damage, and chimney leaks will worsen over time, leading to more costly repairs and sometimes replacement. 

Chimney Liner

Your chimney may look good on the outside, but during the inspection, you will sometimes find that there are hidden dangers on the inside, like a damaged chimney liner. Your chimney liner is an important part that directs all smoke and gasses from your home. We can restore your chimney’s liner to eliminate hazards and draft problems caused by cracks, spalling, and gaps. 


Trust Delta Chimneys for a more detailed inspection of your chimney. We have the industry’s latest tools and techniques to repair your chimney properly and cost-effectively. 

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