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All About Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Tuckpointing Chicago is a common masonry technique that is used to repair or maintain the appearance of masonry, particularly to make it look new. Tuckpointing Chicago can fix cracks in brick or limestone, as well as replace broken mortar joints. There are three main types of tuckpointing: soft, medium, and hard. Soft points are low in lime content, while hard points have a high lime content; this determines the flexibility of the final product. Tuckpointing is among the most time consuming and labor-intensive building processes. It requires a high level of craftsmanship to produce quality work. If you are hiring a tuckpointing contractor Chicago to do your job you should know that each type of tuckpointing has its own blend of lime and sand mortar mix created specifically for each one by one skilled worker/artisan as they lay down each point. They rotate throughout the day based on their skills and experience level with each varying individual having their own unique way in laying down the mix for each different type of point always starting with a fresh portion of mortar on their stone frame then placing and working from small to large in filling up their mortar frame from bottom corner up whilst keeping their tool to lay down their next point(s) vertically

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