Tuckpointing Chicago | Voytec Tuckpointing Contractor Chicago

If you are looking for expert tuckpointing Chicago, Voytec offers exceptional and skilled services. Tuckpointing is a method of restoration for deteriorating masonry on the exterior of homes and commercial buildings. Our experienced masons will remove the cracked and damaged mortar and “tuck-in” new concrete to preserve your structure’s longevity. Damage to masonry work occurs after years of damage from UV rays, harsh weather, and climate changes.

What separates the average mason from the experts is the ability to match the existing mortar color to the newly applied mortar. It takes a keen eye to mix the right pigments and aggregates for a perfect match. Allowing your masonry to continue to deteriorate can lead to water getting into your interiors and causing damage such as sagging beams, rotting wood, and mold 

If you notice your exterior masonry is crumbling and cracking, call Voytec in Chicago for an inspection and remediation. 


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