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It’s easy to determine whether your masonry in Chicago needs tuckpointing done by tuckpointing contractors Chicago or not. Take a close look at the mortar all over your brick structure. If you notice any signs of cracking or crumbling, it might be an indication that you need tuckpointing in Chicago. Make sure you also look for holes in your mortar and call our masonry contractors in Chicago as soon as possible.

For a thorough inspection, first, wash all surfaces clean. Then simply go around taking a close look. Holes, cracking, or crumbling all point to decay, making it the right time to call Custom Masonry & Tuckpointing for expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago. Remember, finding these issues early on will make masonry restoration easier and less costly.  

If you are relatively new to your home and you don’t know of the last time tuckpointing was done, if at all, do your complete visual inspection and perform the “scratch test.” This is your initial step toward masonry restoration in Chicago to make you confident in your masonry again.


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