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One of the most aesthetic features that a home can have is bricks. However, throughout the years, they need to be cared for and maintained. The bricks and mortar that hold them together will eventually begin to deteriorate. If this happens, it is time to contact your professional tuckpointing Chicago contractors in the Chicago area. Voytec Tuckpointing Contractors is the tuckpointing company you can count on and trust.


Yes and no. The perfect time to have your tuckpointing services done in Chicago is during the spring or fall months where the weather is more temperate. This is usually between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Tuckpointing services are best done when there’s no heavy precipitation the day before or hours after installation. There are times when work needs to be completed so your bricks and home won’t be further damaged. When it comes to professional tuckpointing contractors in the Chicago area, we are the ones that you can trust!


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