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Tuckpointing Chicago is a method of masonry repair where new mortar is placed over the old, worn-out mortar between bricks. This restores the appearance and strength of the chimney. In addition, a chimney that hasn’t been tuckpointed may also have cracks in it that can let water accumulate inside. Water can cause damage to the masonry and insulation in your house as well as lead to mold growth on walls behind your fireplace.

Tuckpointing Chicago is a waterproofing, repair and restoration service best performed by an experienced masonry company Chicago. Without this service, the life of your chimney can be shortened by decades.

When a chimney is properly cared for, your home will be better protected from moisture damage and its appearance will improve. By hiring professionals to do chimney tuckpointing Chicago, you’ll protect your fireplace and fireplace flue from further deterioration, save money, and help maintain the value of your home.



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