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The look and function of your chimney is important to any home. As the protective outer layer of your structure, it must be maintained to withstand costly repairs and avoid damage. We specialize in tuckpointing Glenview to solve all your chimney issues, including water damage and corrosion. While chimneys last for a long time, mortar joints don’t! Water damages (and degrades) mortar joints resulting in cracks and holes through which moisture enters your chimney system. These can cause serious damage if left untreated. Our tuckpointing Glenview services are designed to stop this process through restoration of faded mortar joints and repointing gaps as small as 1/8 inch between bricks or stones. This offers protection against further damages and extends the life of your chimney by more than 10 years! Contact our masonry contractors Glenview and get your chimney tuckpointed.

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